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Hi OC Pup Scouts Community! It’s officially our first blog post on here and we are so excited to get this blog started!


My name is Lindsey and I’m the Director of Marketing here at OC Pup Scouts. I’ll be the gal behind our blog – bringing you everything from Pup Scouts news, local dog friendly places, at-home DIY’s and training tips from our Pup Scouts Pack Leaders.


Our hope is that this blog provides you with a variety of ideas and ways to enrich and strengthen the bond that you have with your pup. Today we’re taking a deep dive into our newest addition to OC Pup Scouts – our Badge Program and an inside scoop on how you can earn your first badges and reward!

So what is our Badge Program you ask?


It’s basically a way for you and your pup to earn rewards for being a loyal Pup Scout. Just like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, your pup can earn badges to add to their Pup Scouts bandanas when they complete a certain task with us. Once you collect a certain amount of badges, you can earn prizes and rewards like discounts off of your invoice, free products from our online shop and more.


Best of all, your pup can sport their bandana on our pack walks. And if your dog is anything like mine, they feel super special wearing bandanas or anything that makes them stand out in the pack. So not only will you get some cool rewards, but your dog will get a major confidence boost!


Let’s talk badges…


So if you haven’t already – you can purchase your Pup Scouts bandana in our online shop. Once you’ve got your bandana, my best advice would be to look at our individual badges and set your sights on earning your first three (which will then get you your first reward).


I’ll put the link to our Badge Program page on our website, but here’s the jist of the 10 badges we have and what you need to do to get them:


We love rewarding positive behavior and improvement in our dogs! We look out for dogs who are being well-behaved and all-around awesome on our walks and we choose one as our Dog of the Week! We feature a winner every Friday on our Instagram and if yours is chosen, you earn this badge!


Our community events throughout the year are some of the best memories we make because we get to interact with both YOU and your dog! We do hands on training seminars, community pack walks and more. Attend 3 of our events and this badge is yours!


This badge is a great milestone to celebrate and I would say the one that takes the longest to earn! Your dog earns this badge once they complete 100 walks with us. In short, the more walks your dog completes, the faster they can earn this badge.


We have some paw-esome social media contests throughout the year and this badge is earned if you win one! We had a behavior challenge in October and we have an upcoming giveaway for Black Friday… so there’s lots of ways to win and snag this badge.


I would argue that this is the easiest badge to earn! If you’re loving your Pup Scouts experience and want to shout it from the mountaintops, simply leave a 5-star review on our Google and Yelp pages to earn this badge. We have over 90+ 5-star reviews, so you’ll be in good company!


We love rewarding socialization with the dogs we walk and want to reward you for being social too! To earn this badge, simply post about us on your social media and share your Pup Scouts experience. Complete a post and tag us @ocpupscouts and this barge is yours!


Martina is our resident dog trainer and no matter how old your dog is, our private and group obedience training classes are the perfect way to strengthen your bond with your dog. Complete an obedience training session with us and you can add this badge to your collection.


This badge is my favorite because pack walks are better with friends! Help us “raise the woof” (sorry, couldn’t resist) and expand our pack by referring a friend to join our pack. Earn this badge after referring 3 friends to Pup Scouts!


We love a good overnight session! Whether you’re going on a trip that your pup can’t attend or need a night away, you can trust us to provide a reliable and comfortable place for your pup! Book an overnight session with us and earn our Sleepover badge.


Our Saturday sessions are some of our favorites here at Pup Scouts! We know the weekends can be tough with endless errands, events, etc. Leave it to us to give your pup the time and attention they deserve while you tackle your to-do list! We’ll tackle that to do list together and you’ll earn this badge after booking 5 Saturday sessions with us!

Let’s get started together! I’ll help you get your first reward…


To get your first reward, you have to earn 3 badges. If you’re brand new to OC Pup Scouts or have only completed a few walks with us, I would suggest focusing on these 3 badges to get started.



Tell others about your experience and leave us a 5-star review on our Google and Yelp pages. Earning this badge takes under 10 minutes to complete!



Friends trust friends, so if you’re loving your experience, let your other pup parent friends know! Post about us on your social media and tag us at @ocpupscouts. Badge earned!



Do you know 3 pup parents in the OC area that you can refer to OC Pup Scouts? The easiest way to earn this badge is to share our info with 3 of your friends and have them sign up for a walk. Once 3 of your friends have signed up, this badge is yours!


You’ve collected your first 3 badges! Pretty easy right?! It’s time for your first reward… $20 off your next Pup Scouts invoice and 25% off an item in our store!


Rewards are given after you collect 3, 6 and 10 badges. Collect them all to become the ultimate Pup Scout!

You’re on your way to earning badges and filling up your pup’s bandana! Start collecting badges and BOOK A WALK.


After, visit our Badge Program page HERE to see what prizes you could win after earning your badges!


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later this week for some festive dog friendly DIY’s!