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Obedience Training

It's time to start understanding
your dog's psychology!

While obedience in a dog can be an important aspect of your dog’s behavior training, we believe that understanding your dog’s psychology is more important when it comes to training your pup. Because dogs are natural followers, they are always looking for leadership to follow. When this aspect is ignored one can start seeing problem behaviors arise like, pulling on the leash, jumping, chewing, overexcitement, or excessive barking.


Our dog obedience training approach will be in helping you understand dog psychology so you can help them thrive not only in your household, but also in public places. Taking your dog to get coffee doesn’t have to be a total mess, but instead a bonding moment between you and your dog.


Our teaching approach recognizes that every dog is different. Whether your dog is insecure, fearful, anxious, or happy go lucky, our program will be customized to help your dog learn in the best way possible.

Puppy Training

The first 16 weeks of your pup’s life are a critical development stage. In addition to potty training, nipping/teething, destructive chewing, crate training, digging, and other puppy behaviors, we also work on shaping your puppy to be amicable with a variety of personalities of dogs and people as a part of our dog behavior training, so that he may experience the world with ease and confidence.


Focusing on getting your puppy exposed to new places, sounds, textures, colors, and objects is just as important as exposure to new people and dogs. The key is to do this exploring in a safe way that won’t risk harming your puppy’s fragile immune system. The safer opportunities we give your pup to explore the world and think critically, the more likely your dog will be able to make healthy, thoughtful decisions on his own throughout his whole life.


Setting your dog up for success at an early age and guiding your dog through boundaries when you are first bringing them to your household is important to the role your dog will have within the household.

Basic Skills Training

Having your dog learn the essential manners in and out of the home are crucial to having a compatible relationship with your pet. Counter-surfing, meeting new guests at the door, jumping on you or strangers, door bolting, barking at neighbor dogs through the fence, barking at the doorbell, being gentle around young kids, digging, and destructive behaviors are all some of the many behavioral fixes our dog behavior training program can address.


We also have many creative techniques to get your dog loose leash walking by your side around the neighborhood, at the park, and even at the busy pier. Our motto with these behaviors as well as all the basic obedience behaviors is “as little micromanaging as possible.” Have a dog who is intuitive and offers you desired behaviors before you even ask for them.

Getting Started!

Step 1

Based on what type of training you and your pup need, we begin with an in-home evaluation to assess behavior and training goals.

Basic Obedience
30 minute in home evaluation

Behavior Modification
30 minute in home evaluation

Step 2

After the evaluation, our trainer will recommend a course of action to accomplish your training goals.

Basic Obedience
Package of 4 private in-home training sessions covers the basics:​ sit, down, place, stay, heel, come, leave it, & break

Behavior Modification
Package of 4 private in-home training sessions addresses basic obedience in addition to problematic behaviors like: aggression, resource guarding, reactivity, prey drive, and redirecting