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While Amazon has proven to stay at the top of the list of “Convenient Ways to Shop During the Pandemic”, there are many small businesses who offer the exact same product and only require a trip to your local shopping center. Don’t get me wrong, I occasionally buy from Petco or Petsmart and I currently shop on Amazon or buy something from Target at least once a week (okay no judgement please, the first step is admitting you have a problem) but Target’s life isn’t changed and their businesses isn’t greatly impacted by my support. This however, is exactly what shopping locally can do for a small business owner and their shop.


So while we are still in this COVID-19 reality, and as a fellow small business, we thought it would be important to highlight a local shop on our blog. And since we’re in the business of pups, highlighting a local dog supply store is even better. I hope this little cameo encourages you research your local dog supply store and support them through purchasing, telling your fellow pup parents about them, or even as simple as following them on social media. Any support is helpful in keeping these shops alive and keeping our communities diverse with shopping options that aren’t just your average big box experience.


So without further ado, I’d like to share with you Pet Wants of South Orange County.

About Pet Wants OC


Pet Wants is located in Lake Forest (just a short drive north from our Mission Viejo clients and across the 5 freeway from those of you who live in the Irvine or Laguna areas). While this store has multiple locations across Southern California, this one is the only in South Orange County. Shannon, Pet Wants shop owner, is amazing and you can feel her genuine passion for pets and the TLC she has put in her shop from the minute you walk in the door.


While the first wave of the pandemic closed her business doors, she has been able to remain open during this second surge of OC lockdowns since she supplies pet food. She has had to pivot her business and the needs of her customers, even offering food delivery customers in the local area! What I love about this shop is the personalization of the items in her store, even down to the natural calming balm for your pup that Shannon makes herself! While she offers everything a big box store could offer, the personalized touches of natural remedies for your dog, their amazing bulk food area and the fact that her store is locally owned and operated makes it a true gem and a great option to shop at for any pup parent out there!

I toured the store with my dog Kai and here are our Top 5 Favorite Things:


1. Boredom Busters Lick Mats: I saw these on Amazon originally and they are here too! See guys, who needs to wait for shipping when you can purchase the same exact product locally and support a small business! You can stick these on your wall and smear your dog’s favorite treat (we do peanut butter) on them and let the fun begin.


2. Natural Toy Selection: Although bright and colorful dog toys are super cute, we all love an aesthetically picture perfect toy option for an IG moment, am I right?! (just go with it…) They have multiple brands of dog toys that are made of natural fibers that are neutral in color to appeal to any dog gender, match any style of house decor and are eco-friendly! So you can save the planet and have your house lookin’ cute all at the same time.


3. No Hide Earth Animal Selection: This is Kai’s favorite brand of chewies and is the perfect alternative if your pup has a sensitive tummy or digestion issues. I get this brand wherever I can find it and there is the largest selection of sizes and flavors here that I have ever seen in a store. Kai’s favorite is peanut butter but they have chicken, beef, fish, etc. All low in fat and low calorie.


4. Leash Wall: We love leash options! We’ll be sharing more on leashes next month on our blog, but for now, Pet Wants has every leash option you could think of. Perfect depending on what type of breed that you have or how big or small your dog may be. There’s a variety of prints, sizes, textures and locally made options as well.


5. Bulk Food Station: By far my favorite part of the store is the bulk food station where you can buy your food in bulk and get refills. There are containers that you can use so you don’t buy dog food in a bag that gets thrown away and there are discounts for refilling! There’s a variety of flavors and all of the nutrition facts are listed so that you can ensure that your dog is getting the proper diet for their specific needs.

All in all, this little shop packs a big punch and has everything organized and ready for you to stop by while out on your next toilet paper run! Thank you to Shannon for being so gracious with her time and showing me around Pet Wants. I’ll be posting some BTS and a Store Tour tomorrow on our Instagram Stories, so be on the look out for that and be sure to follow OC Pup Scouts and Pet Wants while you’re there!



Here are a few other local pet supply stores where you can stock up on everything for your pup in South Orange County! From bulk food supplies, new leashes for the new year and all your basic pet care needs, these small businesses have got you covered:


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If you’re looking for resources other than dog food and supplies, CLICK HERE and visit our website to check out our hands on service offerings like puppy playtime, private walks, pack walks, obedience training and more!


Thanks for reading and considering shopping local! This is our last blog post of 2020, but we will be back in January celebrating “National Train Your Dog Month”.

AUTHOR’S NOTES & DISCLOSURE: The opinions of this blog post are based on personal experiences. While we realize that there are many ways and preferences in shopping for your pet, please understand that the information presented is based from the author’s opinion and experiences. All recommendations are suggested based on previous research and have not been paid for or should be considered as paid advertisements. OC Pup Scouts is not to be held liable should you have a negative personal experience with any of these recommended businesses as they are independent and in no way affiliated with our company.