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Professional Dog Walkers and Trainers

Laguna Niguel

OC Pup Scouts dog walkers in Laguna Niguel will be able to provide your pup with much-needed exercise and stimulation.


Laguna Niguel is a beautiful city on the Southern California coast with some beautiful hiking trails in the region. If your pup likes to go off-leash and explore new territory, we will take them out for some fresh air and exercise.

All OC Pup Scouts walkers are trained and have been thoroughly interviewed and screened, and the company performs ongoing background checks throughout members’ tenure with the agency.


Our services include:


Pack Dog Walking

During our pack walks, your dog will experience fun, structured outdoor adventures with our trained dog handlers. It offers the perfect reintroduction to your dog’s natural environment as a pack animal and gives them learning opportunities.


Obedience Training

Our teaching approach aims to help you understand dog psychology so you can help them thrive not only in your household but also in public places. Our positive training style with behavioral strategies are designed to help you build a relationship with your dog!


Overnight Care

Your dog will stay with one of our pack leaders either at their home or yours, whichever you prefer, and they will join on daily pack walks during their stay. This service is only available to our pack dog walking clients.


Having a dog walker come to the house to train your pup twice a week is enough to show progress; three times per week is even better! You can also bring your dog to our training center for group classes. You will both have fun while learning something new!


We also offer special packages for first-time dog owners, families with multiple pets, and those who are struggling to find reliable pet care.


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