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Dog Overnight Boarding: What to Know & What to Look For When Boarding Your Dog

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for a good reason. These furry companions have a special ability to form deep bonds with their human owners and offer unwavering loyalty, playfulness, and love.

We love a wagging tail greeting us at the door after a long day or a furry bundle snuggling up close on the couch on a lazy afternoon. Dogs bring joy, companionship and love into our lives.

For many of us, bidding adieu to our beloved canine, even for a day, can be daunting. It is a sentiment that tugs our heartstrings, but all the toil seems worthwhile when we return to their affectionate embrace.

We believe no other entity can provide the same level of care that our beloved pets deserve. Therefore, the decision-making process can be challenging when contemplating an overnight dog boarding arrangement for our cherished furry companion.

However, it is important to choose a reliable and professional dog night care service for your pet, when you need to be away from home on other urgent business.

What is Dog Overnight Boarding?

Although embarking on a journey with your furry companion can be a joyous experience, it is not always a practical option. Unpredictable itineraries and family members’ unknown allergies can introduce stress for all involved.

Even during a brief excursion, it is imperative to be attentive to your buddy’s biological needs, susceptibility to motion sickness, and any other concerns. That’s where overnight dog boarding comes to your rescue. It offers:

What to Look for When Boarding Your Dog?

Dog night care presents a practical alternative for pet owners who cannot take their beloved canines with them on trips or require a temporary arrangement for their pet’s care. You must exercise due diligence when selecting a suitable boarding facility for your dog.

Here are a few things you can keep in before deciding to leave your canine in an overnight dog boarding facility:

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Entrust the safety of your beloved pet to us, and embrace a tranquil vacation, knowing that your furry companion is in the most capable of hands.


1. What should I look for in a dog boarder?

When looking for a dog boarder, it’s important to prioritize your dog’s safety and happiness. Look for a facility or individual with experience and positive reviews, and ensure they offer your dog proper accommodations, exercise, and socialization.

Check if they have a plan in place for emergencies. Meeting the boarder in person and seeing the facilities before committing to ensure a good fit for your furry friend is also essential.

2. How do I make my dog more comfortable when boarding?

Pack familiar items such as their bed, toys, and favorite treats to make your dog more comfortable when boarding. Provide clear instructions on their feeding, exercise, and any medication needs. Try to remain calm and positive during drop-off to help ease any separation anxiety your dog may experience.

Consider leaving a piece of clothing with your scent to provide comfort. It’s also helpful to introduce your dog to the boarding facility beforehand and gradually increase their time there to help them adjust.

3. Is being boarded stressful for dogs?

Boarding can be stressful for dogs, as it involves being away from their familiar home environment and routine. Some dogs may experience separation anxiety or behaviors such as whining or refusing to eat.

However, proper preparation can minimize stress, such as familiarizing your dog with the boarding facility, packing comforting items, and choosing a reputable, experienced boarder.

Many boarding facilities offer exercise, socialization, and attention from staff, which can help keep your dog happy and relaxed.

4. Should I say goodbye to my dog when I leave?

It’s best to keep goodbyes brief and low-key when leaving your dog at a boarding facility to minimize their anxiety. Prolonged goodbyes can reinforce your dog’s separation anxiety and make the departure difficult. Instead, calmly say goodbye and reassure them that you’ll return soon.

If your dog seems particularly anxious, you can leave a comforting item, such as a piece of clothing with your scent, to help them feel more at ease.

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  1. In a few months, my brother’s traveling to go to a concert in another city, so he’s looking for a place to take care of his dog while he’s gone. It’s great that you talked about dog boarders and how to choose the best one. I’ll email this to my brother and suggest he looks for a dog boarding facility that has experience and positive reviews. Thanks.

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