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5 Essential Things to Check Before Hiring a Dog Walker in Orange County

Being a pet parent is not for the lazy. It requires great responsibility, efforts and attention to care for a furry friend. These faithful companions capture our hearts and yearn for our undivided attention.

Nevertheless, the rigors of daily life often force us to give our professional and personal chores priority over tending to our dog. This leads to stress, worry and anxiety over the welfare of our four-legged darlings.

Dog walking services address our concerns about our pets and enable us to focus on our work with peace of mind.

In a world brimming with options, selection of the ideal dog walking company needs to be done after careful consideration of a few critical factors.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when hiring a dog walker in Orange County:

1. Trust Your Choice

Professional dog walkers will have access to your home and be responsible for your pet’s safety, so it’s crucial to find someone you can trust. Research about the dog walker and ask for references from other satisfied clients.

2. Experience & Training

Look for dog walking services with experience working with dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments. They should also know basic dog behavior and safety and any specific needs your dog may have. A dog walker must know:

3. Availability & Scheduling

Find a dog walker who can work around your schedule and meet your needs. Discuss your expectations with the dog walker before hiring them to ensure they are a good fit for your dog.

4. Communication is the Key

The crux of successful dog walking lies in effective communication. An adept dog walker ought to possess a pleasant disposition and be well-versed in dispensing regular updates about the conduct and well-being of your furry companion.

5. What’s the Cost?

While ensuring quality is imperative, a clear understanding of the dog walker’s fees and the encompassed services in the quoted price remains crucial. Compare costs and services from multiple dog walkers to ensure you get the best value.

Note: The dog walking services’ pricing varies from 50 cents to $1 per minute. Thus, the corresponding fees may fluctuate between a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $ 60.

Where to Find Your Perfect Dog Walker?

If you are a busy pet owner in Orange County looking for professional dog walkers, fret not, for OC Pup Scouts has your back!

We aim to provide a structured and constructive milieu where your beloved pet can learn and build amiable associations with our knowledgeable personnel and fellow canines. We ensure your beloved pets receives the requisite care and attention they deserve.

Trust the safety and welfare of your cherished furry friend to us, and go about your daily routine, knowing that your beloved companion is under the tender and watchful care of the most professional and capable hands.

Check out our website or call us today for more information!


1. Are you trained in canine learning theory and body language?

At OC Pup Scouts, we recognize the significance of understanding canine behavior, body language, and learning theory.

Our team members undergo extensive training and education to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with your beloved pet. We are committed to providing your furry companion with the best care and training.

2. How much time do you guarantee on the walk?

We understand that different dogs require different levels of exercise, and we strive to provide customized experiences to meet each dog’s unique needs.

Thus we offer personalized dog walking services to cater to your furry companion’s exercise and activity needs. Our services range from a one-hour walk to a half-day walk of approximately four hours and a full-day walk from 9 am to 2 pm.

3. What kind of training methods and equipment do you use?

At OC Pup Scouts, we believe in positive reinforcement-based training methods. We use force-free and humane techniques to train and interact with dogs.

Our team members are highly skilled and experienced in using reward-based training methods, which involve offering treats, toys, or praise to reinforce desirable behaviors. We also use various training equipment, such as harnesses, leashes, and collars, that are safe and comfortable for your furry companion.

We prioritize your dog’s safety, well-being, and happiness through a positive and enjoyable training experience.

4. What would you do in the case of an emergency?

The safety and well-being of your furry companion are our top priorities. Our experienced team members act promptly and efficiently in an emergency to ensure your dog’s safety.

We have a detailed emergency response plan outlining the necessary steps in different situations. Our dog walkers and trainers are equipped with first-aid kits and know how to administer basic first-aid when required.

If your dog requires urgent medical attention, we will contact you immediately and take your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic for treatment. We will also update you on your dog’s condition throughout the process.

5. How many dogs do you walk at once?

We prioritize your dog’s safety and well-being during walks. Therefore, the number of dogs we walk at once depends on various factors, such as the size, breed, and temperament of the dogs and the experience of the walker.

We offer one-on-one walks for dogs requiring individual attention or special needs. We also provide pack walks for dogs that enjoy socializing and exercising in a group. Our dog walkers have the experience to manage multiple dogs at once and ensure that each dog receives the necessary attention and exercise.

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