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Last month, we collaborated with some of our favorite local small businesses and pup brands. We did an epic 6th birthday celebration and did a virtual 6 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS on our Instagram and it was so awesome to see what can be accomplished when we all band together and support one another. Truly, a “power in numbers” kind of a moment.


Seeing the strength of this left me super inspired… so I thought, hey, why not share it with you?! Hopefully our blog posts thus far have been a great resource for you whether finding a cute recipe to make for your dog or finding a great tip on leash training at home. As we bring more content to you, a big goal for us is to build community and highlight other small businesses who we love and support. Hopefully, this provides our pup community of an example of fostering community over competition. And plus, it’s just fun to share how cool our community partners are! So here we go, a breakdown of our Community Partners and our Pup Scouts Favs!


Side note – because you and I are friends – I tried to make it easier and separated these businesses into categories. That way, you can refer back to this list if you need something for your pup and are like “hmmm… where should I shop” or if you have some pay day money to splurg with and you wanna treat yo self, you can use this guide as inspo! Hope that helps! (My mind thinks in lists, so it was way easier keep things organized like this… and I’m sure I’m not the only list-lover out there #canyourelate.)


1. NATURE’S SELECT PET FOOD – Nature’s Select Pet Food has been in business since 1994, so they definitely know what’s up when it comes to food for your pup! (Fun Fact: Our treat bag “business cards” that our Pack Leaders hand out if they meet someone on a pack walk are full of Nature’s Select Treats… yup! That’s how much we love them!)

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV has got to be their Select Classic Nutrition Recipe. Not only is it their top selling product, but it can also be fed to all breeds and dogs of all life stages. We love the versatility in this recipe as it helps take the guess work out of the question “is this the right food choice for my pup?”.

2. DOOGIE WALK BAGS – I don’t know why, but I think it’s so cool that Doggie Walk Bags is based in Costa Mesa. I see poop bag products all the time saying “Made in the US” but for a product pup parents use so often to be based right in our own backyard… super cool! They definitely take doggie bag supplies to a new level and offer a wide variety of products on their site.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is definitely their Mounted Butler Dog Waste Bag Dispenser. Since Doggie Walk Bags offers park dispenser supplies, they translated this into an at-home version that is totally unique and I haven’t seen another brand that has this. It’s like having a dog park dispenser station at home!

3. HALA’S PAWS – With two locations in Orange County, Hala’s Paws has a beautiful variety of products and has even hosted events like Doggy Yoga, an Ice Cream Social, Doggy Birthday Parties and Animal Spirituality Classes. They make it super easy to shop for your pup during the pandemic, offering in-person, online and curbside pickup.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their Hala’s Paws Brand products. They have unique collars, leashes, bow ties, flowers, bandanas and harnesses that Hala’s mom herself has been making since 2013. They have a ton of different prints and even seasonal offerings – it’s almost like having an Etsy shop available inside a pet products store!

4. PET WANTS SOUTH COUNTY – While there are multiple locations of Pet Wants across Orange County, the South County location, owned by Kristine and Kevin Ford is unique in many ways. You’re likely to see their “Pet Food Truck” at Ladera Ranch Farmers Market or a local event in the area. Not only do they operate in a mobile capacity, but they also have a showroom, where you can shop all of the items they have to offer.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their showroom location. Once you set up an account with them, you get a scanner and it’s almost like you’re adding to a wedding registry but for your pup. You can go around their showroom, scan what you need, then their team packages everything together and brings it out to you! So cool, right?!

5. SKOUT’S HONOR – Staying true to its California roots, Skout’s Honor is a pet supply company specializing in grooming, household and cleaning products that are all manufactured under the California Green Chemistry initiative. This means, their products are all non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals. Using their products is sure to keep your pets and family in a clean at-home environment and with the pandemic, stocking up on those cleaning products is a must!

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their Honor Society Shop that features a collection of products that give back to animals in need. Currently, they have patches, pins and apparel that all give meals to rescue pets when purchased. While their pet and home products are amazing, a company that also focuses on giving back to animals in need deserves a gold medal in our book.

6. PET WANTS OC SOUTH – We featured Pet Wants OC South in a previous blog post, so if you’re looking to learn more, check out a more in-depth feature of them HERE. I absolutely adore Shannon, who is the owner of this Pet Wants location. She offers a more traditional pet supply in-store experience and has literally everything you need for your pup.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their Pet Wants Calming Balm. I have a high energy Aussie at home that has dealt with tummy issues his whole life. I have been using this on him for a few months now and have definitely seen an improvement of his anxiety which then triggers him to throw up. It smells so good, I even use it on myself sometimes!

7. WILD N FRESH TREATS – Wild n Fresh Treats specializes in dehydrated single-ingredient treats and chews that are made at a low-temperature with no preservatives. Think of maintaining nutrients by cold pressing juice – that philosophy but for dog treats. They are sourced and handcrafted in the US and best of all, their company is based in Fullerton… so yes, super local as well!

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is the fact that they stick to simplicity. Single ingredient, super natural, dehydrated treats. It’s almost the most raw and pure form of a product that your pup can get. They do offer some pretty interesting items including pig ears, rabbits feet, etc… so these aren’t your average froo-froo cute pup treats. While some pup parents may feel weird feeding this to their pup… dogs totally love them!

8. FURLY’S PET SUPPLY – What I like to call the Costco of Pet Supply stores, Furly’s Pet Supply has a huge variety of everything you need for your pup. I mean… literally everything! Local to Lake Forest, if you’re interested in trying out different brands for your pup, Furly’s has got you covered! From feeding, cleaning, toys and more, you can shop online and in-store.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their new frozen raw product offerings. I’ve personally been researching a lot about raw feeding options for my pups who both struggle to keep on weight and lose weight lately, and to see the different brands they have available is really helpful to know what’s out there.

Health and Wellness

1. ORANGETHEORY ORANGE COUNTY – If you live in OC, I’m sure you’ve seen an Orangetheory in your area… they have a ton of locations! Not only do they have in-studio offerings, but they also have at-home workouts where you can get the studio experience in the comfort of your home. Through their app, you’re able to access videos, challenges, personal fitness information and more! Super convenient and user friendly.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their OTbeat technology that measures your heart rate and performance data in real time so you know how your workout is going. Best of all, if you are doing your OT training at-home, you can utilize the app to track your OTbeat data; so every workout counts!

AUTHOR’S NOTES & DISCLOSURE: The opinions of this blog post are based on personal experiences and research. While we realize that there are a variety of dog training methods, please understand that the information presented is based from our team’s opinion, expertise and experiences. All recommendations are suggested based on previous research and have not been paid for or should be considered as paid advertisements. OC Pup Scouts is not to be held liable should you have a negative personal experience with any of these resources as they are based on independent recommendations.

2. I HEART YOGA – Voted Dana Points #1 Yoga Studio, iHeartYoga offers classes in Vinaysa, Sculpt, Gentle Flow, Yin and even Barre. They are super collaborative with the city as well as other local businesses and have collaborated with West Wind Sail for SUP Yoga, every 2nd Saturday of the month in Dana Point Harbor.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their very popular Yoga In The Park classes. On the South lawn at Lantern Bay Park, these classes are $10 advance purchase or free for iHeartYoga members. This is a great alternative to their in-studio experience and they have worked with the city to ensure that all COVID safety measures are adhered to.


3. FERMENSCH KOMBUCHA – Yet another company that I was in awe to find out that they are locally based in Orange County… Fermensch Kombucha is a small-batch kombucha brewery that brings an ultra modern, fun and quirky aesthetic to the world of kombucha brands. They now offer local delivery which is super convenient, bringing you fresh kombucha straight from their brewery and right to your doorstep!

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is for sure their seasonal offerings. Most recently it was apple cinnamon, but in the past they’ve had spiced guava, watermelon con chile and apricot cucumber, just to name a few! Since they create small-batches, this gives you the opportunity to experience the freshest booch possible, and to try new flavors throughout the year!


1. ELIOT SPAULDING BLAIR STUDIO – Local to CA and based up in Santa Barbara, Eliot Spaulding has a background in installation and display design and now primarily works with watercolor and acrylics. She has the most beautiful hand in creating home portraits and also does custom commissions upon request.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is per custom pet ornaments. These ornaments are so cute, it definitely doesn’t need to be a particular season to showcase them in your home! What a wonderful and personalized gift these ornaments make. Definitely a keepsake that is evergreen and you can cherish for forever.

2. COCO + BOO – Owners Kelly and Jamie of Coco + Boo create custom digital pet portraits that literally melt my heart! The details in their work are on another level and bring so much dimension to every art piece that they create.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their duo portraits with two pups! Perfect if you have multiple dogs that you want to capture… especially since pups grow so fast, their digital art is a great momento of a particular time in your pup’s lives. So if you just just added a second pup to your pack, have Coco + Boo create one of these for you (and thank me later)!

3. LAURA MCMULLIN PHOTOGRAPHY is a San Diego based photographer who specializes in portraits, weddings and more! Laura has a multitude of creative experience, originally starting in acting and singing and has translated her storytelling from the stage into the medium of photography. Lucky for all you East Coasters, Laura will be relocating to Maryland soon, but she is available for travel (and trust me, having personally worked with her countless times, she is totally worth the flight back to CA for a session or event!)

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is her portrait sessions with pups and their families. I personally make it a yearly tradition to do a nice photoshoot for my birthday and this year was able to have Laura capture pics with me and my two pups. Dogs are not the easiest to photograph, but Laura is super patient and captures those in-between moments that make for real and authentic photos that will last a lifetime.


1. PICNIC PLEASURE – If you have ever wanted to experience Pinterest or Instagram IRL, look no further than Picnic Pleasure! Offering beachside picnic set ups for friends, a relaxing night out or even a celebration, owner Min Kim truly has an eye for creating the most picture perfect picnic vibes.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is her picnic package add-ons. She offers customizations like adding on games and even charcuterie boards. Like literally when I say she has thought of every little detail to give you the outdoor picnic of your dreams, I’m not kidding! Her add-ons allow you to customize your picnic to exactly what you need, offering you an easy and stress-free experience!

2. MARIANNA SOTNICHENKO REAL ESTATE – I had the pleasure of meeting Marianna this past holiday season when her team was putting together their annual Instagram giveaway that we donated to. Marianna is so sweet, attentive and personal that I could tell that she takes care of her real estate clients and treats them like family. She specializes in residential and commercial real estate through Keller Williams in Newport.


OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is Marianna’s passion for the local community of Orange County. Her philosophy of “clients come first” is definitely translated into the passion that she has to support local businesses and serve others. Connecting with her professionally has shown us that she thinks outside of the box and that different industries can partner together to achieve common goals and lift each other up.

3. LITTLE SHOP BY THE SEA – The cutest little seaside shop exists, right in the heart of Newport Beach. Little Shop By The Sea offers the best in home and florals to give you that extra special touch that makes a house a home. They offer organic goods, plastic free exclusives and even offer discounts if you bring in your own jar. Their passion for the environment and the sea makes them a personal favorite of ours and we are so happy to see that they stayed afloat as a small shop during COVID.

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV is their fresh floral arrangements. If I could have one of these beauties in my home on a weekly basis, I would! Special occasion, seasonal arrangements and dried floral arrangements can all be purchased in-store. So if you’re looking for that perfect gift for someone or to treat yourself, visit Little Shop By The Sea.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Community Partners! Remember, supporting local businesses can be in a big way of purchasing their products, but can also come in the form of following them on social media, liking their content, sharing about their services with your friends and family! It doesn’t always cost money to support a small business. We hope that this post gives you some new ideas of who to shop from and what businesses exist locally to Orange County and Southern California. Till next time… #supportlocalbusinesses and #shopsmall


AUTHOR’S NOTES & DISCLOSURE: The opinions of this blog post are based on personal experiences. While we realize that there are many ways and preferences in shopping for pup food + supplies, health and wellness, creative and lifestyle, please understand that the information presented is based from the author’s opinion and experiences. All recommendations are suggested based on collaborative efforts and have not been paid for or should be considered as paid advertisements. OC Pup Scouts is not to be held liable should you have a negative personal experience with any of these recommended businesses as they are independent and in no way affiliated with our company.